Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kinect VIMP Source Links

OpenKinect's knowledge base has all the theory/experiments/explanations , that are constantly added/updated.

Tech-tree has kept a really sharp track of Kinect developments.

KinectHacks maintains good updates on very interesting Kinect hacks.

This tech-tree page also talks about a very impressive use of Kinect for creating 3D road-maps of cities.

And here are Kinect Tutorials provided by ROS!! Note : it has calibrating the kinect camera

Following are really really really important and MUST_GO_THROUGH web resources....

0) Nicolas Burrus's Post on Kinect calibration ( both color and depth )

1) The RGB Demo software ( opensource code )
- it has source code downloadable
- it has documentation

2) A small post for give links on Kinect Calibration

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