Saturday, January 29, 2011

New to Kinect? Start here!!

The OpenKinect wiki - contains tons of information for new Kinect users who want to explore the project and for developers alike.

How can I install libfreenect, where is the walkthrough?

How can I ask for help on list and in the channel? I'm getting this error message ... ?

Who is involved with the project?

How should I get started to contribute code to the project and which wrapper?

How does the Kinect USB protocol works? Image size? 0x0002 @ 0x001a does what?

Under which licenses is libfreenect released?

What have people been doing with the Kinect, what demos, what's the project roadmap?

And what about that laser illuminator there?

How did the project start?

Other issues?
And group mailing list is also a great resource to search for posts on a specific subject.

( Borrowed from OpenKinect mailing list : credits go to bankP (

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